There’s no need to highlight the fact that Tenerife in the Canary islands is one of the most popular holiday destinations anywhere in the world – the thousands of British travellers who flock to the island every year are testament to that.

And while there has been plenty already written on travel blogs and in travel guides about Tenerife, most of these tend to focus on the bigger, flashier resorts, mainly concentrated on the south of the islands.

These can be great holiday destinations, particularly for families looking for well-developed resorts that offer plenty of activities for kids, or slightly older travellers looking for somewhere with great nightlife.

But what about those after a more relaxing, chilled out holiday experience? Well, here too Tenerife can prove a great choice, particularly if you head to the west of the island where you’ll find the quiet and pleasant resort town of Los Gigantes.

A world away from the busier locales further south, Los Gigantes, while still very much a tourist town (meaning plenty of restaurants, bars and other facilities for holidaymakers), a laid-back attitude and atmosphere pervades every aspect of life here, making it perfect for those just looking to get away from it all for a few days.

But just because its smaller and quieter than other resorts on Tenerife, doesn’t mean there’s not plenty to do here. One of the most famous and immediately noticeable landmarks of the area are the huge cliffs – the Acantilados de los Gigantes (Cliffs of the Giants) – from which the town gets its name. These walls of rock soar 600m high above the ocean, along the northern coast. They look spectacular from all angles, but one of the best ways to see them is from the water, and there is no shortage of companies at the Los Gigantes marina offering boat trips for tourists at reasonable prices.

At the foot of the cliffs is a small but usually uncrowded beach, where you can relax in the sun, take a dip in the calm waters or just lay back and enjoy the amazing scenery. And if you find yourself in need of additional space, head to Playa de la Arena, a larger volcanic beach in Puerto de Santiago, right next door to Los Gigantes.

But the natural beauty of Los Gigantes isn’t confined to above sea level – one of the most attractive elements of a holiday here is the excellent scuba diving and snorkelling opportunities it provides. Water temperatures vary from 24 degrees C in summer to a comfortable 20 degrees C in winter while visibility can at times reach up to 35 metres. There are somewhere in the region of 25 dive sites, which are regularly serviced by the local dive centre, which cater for all levels of diving experience, from novices to experts.

Another way to see the amazing abundance of life in the surrounding waters is to take a boat trip out to see the local dolphin and whale colonies. Some 27 differing species of whale and dolphin have been spotted in the waters off of Los Gigantes.

Meanwhile, with plenty of budget-friendly accommodation to choose from and airlines such as Monarch offering an abundance of low-cost flights to Tenerife from Manchester, London, Birmingham and other UK cities, there’s no need for a holiday in Los Gigantes to break the bank.